Paperback Clearance

Because all face-to-face sales opportunities were canceled in 2020, due to Covid-19, I find myself with paperbacks on hand. Choose from these titles, send the payment via Pay Pal (sending to my email address, below) and let me know your order by filling out the contact form on this website (or email me at Also, let me know if you want the book signed.

I will pay your sales tax and shipping for you, just to get these books in your hands and off mine!

Here’s the DEAL: Any ONE book, $10 with tax and shipping included.

Any SECOND book, $5.

That’s Buy-one-get-one-half-off, with free shipping.

Titles available (you can read details of the books on the “BOOKS” page).

A Doubter’s Devotional #1 and #2

Labyrinth Wakening: a spiritual journey novel

Old Vine and Little Branch

Vid Viejo y Ramita (same story as Old Vine, in Spanish)

Play to God

Folding Memory: an Alzheimer’s Story

Destiny Fair (a historical novel based on true events)

Bombs, Betty, and Bed-counts: the memoir of Donald Keith McKnight

Offer good while supplies last. If your choice is sold out, see the BOOKS page to order from

Thanks, and Happy Holidays!