Six months have passed since I retired from teaching, giving me the necessary distance to look back on my long career with some humor and nostalgia rather than pain and dismay.  Below are some limericks I wrote  as examples for my students when I assigned limerick-writing.  I hope you get a kick out of them.

On a Scary Office Aide

When the office aide comes on his stroll
In an effort to pick up my roll,
His tattoos ear to ear
And his permanent sneer
Make me sure he’s just out on parole.

On Chaperoning Dances

At Saturday night’s Backwards Dance
I will look at the dancing askance.
I truly am hoping
I’ll witness no groping
And that all the boys keep on their pants.

On Senior Ditch Day

On the day when the seniors all ditch
I debate how to punish their itch
By assignments we take up
With no chance of make up,
And I end up becoming a bitch.

On a Bald Principal

A principal named Joe Kolmel
Whose hair didn’t cover too well
Combed it over from here
Till it reached to his ear,
And he kept it in place with some gel.

8 thoughts on “Limericks on Teaching

    1. Amy told me not to put that one on, but Don says, “hey, it’s free speech!” Besides, when he got to Los Osos, he cut off his comb-over and looked much younger.


  1. Hi Pam!

    I enjoyed reading these — we miss seeing you on campus. It’s good to hear you’re busy with new things. The country lyrics are great also– When do we get to hear them with music? You could do a song vlog! 🙂

    I also wanted to thank you for all the AP materials you left for me- you have no idea how helpful it’s all been. (and Angela, of course.)

    Happy New Year!


  2. RETIRED??? I didn’t get the memo (sorry, that is old school). No one texted or tweeted me about this news flash. My how time flies. I guess good teachers deserve a break. Just stay active and healthy. I wreely precheate u teashing me Engleesh XX yeers ago I wreely lurned alot. Just kidding :0) I was blessed and fortunate to have had an educator like you, you inspired me. Too bad there will be students who will miss the talents of a great teacher. Enjoy your family during your retirement.


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