On Saturday, February 20 at WineStyles in Claremont, Torie Weiston-Serdan sang  “Twelve-Bar Blues” for which I wrote the lyrics and Gayle Weiston-Serdan wrote the music.  Follow the link to hear this crowd-pleasing performance.  Contrary to what Torie says at the end of the video, I do have her and Gayle’s permission to share this with the world.  My dream of having my songs performed came true last night for the first time.  Thanks, Gayle and Torie.

2 thoughts on “Debut Performance of “Twelve-Bar Blues”

  1. Congratulations Pam. It has happened! The setting for your “12-Bar Blues” looks truly authentic. Unfortunately, something goes wrong with the video when I try to play it. It moves and sounds for about one second and then stops still and is silent for about two seconds. But it looks like everyones likes your tune and the performers are really wailing.
    Nice going,
    Uncle Bob


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