Today I set off on my morning walk in a light fog. Along the slope planted with groundcover, I saw hundreds of cup-shaped spider webs coated in dew. They looked like flirtatious hankies dropped by damsels eyeing a champion. My heart leaped with joy, and my footsteps stopped. I took a few seconds to absorb the rightness of all those tiny creatures doing what they were made to do.
A little further along the path, I noticed a pearl-hung circular web built by an orb spider. The web’s builder was perched on the dry edge of the web, and I said to him, “Wow! You are the king of the web-makers!”
Immediately a voice in my head said, “Why must you award this spider above the others? He makes his web round because he is made to do that. The others make scooped webs. You, as a human, judge this one prettier, but all the spiders are doing what God wants them to do, and that is why the sight of the first bank of webs gave you such joy.”
But the epiphany didn’t stop there:
“Spiders are gifted with web-making; songwriters are gifted with songwriting. Once in a while an extra-beautiful song, like the orb spider’s web, will be judged best by some critical-minded human being, like you, who lives to make such distinctions. The rest of the writers with the song gift keep weaving lovely cup-shaped songs to fill the air with masses of beauty. They are doing what they were made to do, and their work pleases God.”
So here’s what I took away from today’s walk:
Weave on, song-makers! Fill the world with your exquisite songs, knowing that you are pleasing God by using your gifts, whether you write gospel, country, pop, hip-hop, or any other genre. Only humans judge your songs. God loves your joyful noise.

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