Yesterday’s blog mentioned that modern kids don’t play outdoors as much as we Boomers did. Here is a song about the way we used to play in my neighborhood. I hope you like it, and leave me a comment if you do remember Greenie Stick-em Caps:)

Sidewalk Song

by Pam Bowen

Verse 1:
As kids we lived on sidewalks a good part of the time.
It’s where our scooters, trikes and skateboards taught us how to ride.
It’s where we chalked a hopscotch and where we jumped a rope.
It’s where we burned bare summer feet and stubbed our dirty toes.

Verse 2:
It’s where we went when we sneaked out Mom’s magnifying glass
To sizzle ants and set off rows of Greenie Stick’em Caps.
It’s where we spread out towels to lie down in the sun
To warm our goosebumped bodies after screaming sprinkler fun.

On sidewalks we had freedom.
Outdoors we were alive.
I only cross a sidewalk now
To pull into the drive.

Verse 3:
The sidewalk still is out there; it’s calling to us now.
If you’ve forgotten how to walk, then I’ll remind you how.
Here’s a bunch of quarters to carry in your pocket.
Let’s go choose some penny candy at the little corner market.

On sidewalks we have freedom.
Outdoors we clear our minds.
Let’s take a walk together
To see what we will find.

© Pamella M. Bowen

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