WARNING: This blog is written by a Christian and may refer to concepts you don’t espouse.

This morning I had one of those small epiphanies that the Heavenly Muse sometimes sends: The Brewer Boys, as well as Hayley Stayner, Caylie Miranda Gregorio, Kanan Road Band, and all the other contestants not remaining in the final twelve, are blessed to have escaped The X-Factor with their integrity intact.

I am not saying that Simon Cowell or any other judge or producer is the devil. They are God’s creatures, he loves them, and he dwells in them, as he does in all the contestants. In fact, the talents that all the performers showed are gifts from God.

However, and you can take this literally or metaphorically, the devil is running that show and all so-called “reality competitions” where people are tempted to trade their integrity for money, fame, or power.

Remember (or google) the story of Jesus’ temptation in the wilderness. For forty days the devil tempted the hungry, solitary Jesus with power, riches, and fame. Jesus resisted, refusing to behave contrary to his sense of right. Jesus set us an example of how we are to face the temptation of money and fame.

Did you notice that the Brewer Boys still looked like themselves on last night’s live show? They sang songs out of their genre, but they kept their style. Others of our friends also refused to sell their souls to the pop-glitz machine: Kanan Road had the guts to stay country and wear their cowboy hats in a competition that wants urban pop stars with sequins, go-go dancers, and fireworks.

So, I congratulate the Brewer Boys for staying true to their God-given gifts. Like every single one of us, their worth is inherent because God is in them and with them. No amount of human approval or disapproval will change that. This is the Good News.

One thought on “Brewer Boys Escape X-Factor, Integrity Intact

  1. I dont want it to be true, but it really is. I agree that by Kanan Road wearing there hats & boots was there exit ticket and the Brewer Boys not going strictly pop was there’s. Although I honestly feel they both should have made the top 6 or 8, there really is some unbelievable talent that should really win the prize. The real prize is not the money, it’s the chance to continue on stage and in the studio every day doing what you want to do. Unfortunuitly it’s the money that allows you to do just that. Sad but true. Keep your writing coming Pam. Love reading your stuff!


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