I bet you think this blog is about the World Series. Nope—read on.

Growing along the road to the golf course is a long bank of ornamental grass. In the early morning, after the sprinklers have gone and the sun is angling in from the east, the grass is strewn with diamonds. I watch for them every time I take the golf course route, because they give me such a jolt of joy that I laugh out loud. As I push up the hill, they twinkle, glint, sparkle, and shine God’s light into my heart. There is no man-shaped diamond, real or synthetic, to compare.

Our family has never been diamond lovers. My mother had a small solitaire on her engagement ring, and she inherited Grandma’s when she died. We couldn’t afford diamond necklaces or bracelets. Or maybe we could, but we didn’t have a passion for them. Disposable income could go on a travel trailer or a trip to another country.

The madness for diamonds reminds me of Gulliver’s reaction on the Island of the Houyhnhnms when he realized there were thousands of diamonds available for the taking. Swift says that the Yahoos on the island love diamonds because they are shiny, but they become greedy and violent trying to get more than their neighbors have. It seems that the hoarding, keeping, and craving turn a beautiful natural creation into an obsession.

On the way back from the golf course, I admired my neighbor’s beautiful roses which she manages to keep blooming in November as if it were May. I have some roses in my yard too. The other day a visitor said, “Oh, your roses are pretty. You must love cutting them to put in the house.” I think I said something polite. I used to cut my roses, bring them in and try to arrange them in nice vases like I saw in Sunset and Better Homes and Gardens. Now I don’t. I like them better on the bush, giving pleasure to me and my neighbors driving by. To me, a vase of cloudy green water holding drooping, dull cut flowers is one of the saddest sights. Why would you want to put that on your mantelpiece?

So, today’s epiphany is that roses belong on the bush and diamonds belong on the grass, where God put them.

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