Now that November is over, you won’t see a song lyric a day, but that does not mean you won’t hear from me. I can’t promise a blog a day, but today I am putting up an English sonnet. I wrote this for the Inland Empire California Writers Club Christmas party coming up on Saturday. The prompt was “decorations.” Writing sonnets is a lot like writing lyrics: syllable count and rhythm matter! Enjoy!

Decorative Sonnet

by Pam Bowen

In decoration, human nature finds
A way to make the world a better place,
By exercising our creative minds
To hang a work of art in every space.

That Douglas fir is looking rather plain.
It needs white lights and baubles pink and blue.
Your biceps bare, in spite of all the pain,
Is begging for a butterfly tattoo.

A virgin earlobe left without a gem
Is sure to raise an eyebrow at the least.
Landscapers, paper hangers, all of them
Can’t leave a wall or garden plot in peace.

Perhaps the Lord God has made all things good,
But humans would improve them if we could.

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