My spiritual friend Sheree believes in angels. She suggested a book by Doreen Virtue on Angel Numbers. The first numbers I looked up were the addresses of the houses I have lived in . Here are the results:

643 Clark Avenue: Angels watch over your family to make sure all your needs are met. Indeed, this is the house where I lived as a child—growing up with my little brother and playing in the neighborhood. I felt safe and fulfilled; after all, I had the neatest playhouse, built by my grandpa.

1156 Karesh: Your powerful intentions are guiding you through this time of transition. Stay positive and focused through these times of change. Be careful to balance your thoughts about material possessions with faith. I lived here for a long time, through most of elementary school, all of junior high and high school, and through college. My first wedding reception was held in the backyard of this house. Lots of transitions took place in this house, including my mother’s funeral reception. I was unchurched myself, but I visited church with most of my friends. My non-existent faith got no encouragement from my secular teachers.

1017 Flora: Center your thoughts on God, creativity, and peace. You are on the right path. Creative? Yes. Amy was brought home from the hospital to this address. It was my refuge after divorce. It was a peaceful, happy time (mostly). I don’t think I was thinking much about God, though; my second wedding was performed by a judge.

6871 Shelton: You are on the right path with the actions you have chosen to manifest divine abundance in all ways. Watch your thoughts; focus on desires not fears. This is the first house we bought, and it was a good choice. Pippa was born while we lived here, and we were all baptized and started regular church attendance at this time. I did not keep my thoughts focused on the good and started into depression, trying to make myself happy with material things.

11015 Charleston: Keep your thoughts focused on God during this time of transition and change. You create your reality with thoughts and beliefs. Engage in creative activities and avoid addictive behaviors. God helped me through the painful times in this house: family strife, awful headaches, job loss, depression, therapy. I finally came to understand how my thoughts created my depression. Creativity was mostly in decorating the new house. Our time here ended with a major move to a new area.

44864 Linalou: The “Angels of Abundance” are with you, helping you receive your Divine inheritance. They are making sure your needs are met as you focus on your spiritual path. The more gratitude you show them, the more you open the flow of support. This is the house I live in now. It is the house where I began my conscious spiritual journey, joining DOK, learning centering prayer, going on retreats, reading about spiritual matters, writing songs about God in my life. My needs are being met so I have time to focus on the spirit. We ring our prayer bell daily and thank God for all his gifts.

So, there you have it. The way the numbers coincide with the way life went during my residence in these houses is fascinating to me. Maybe later, I will write about my phone numbers. They are even more awesome.

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