O God, please hear my desperate song.
I’ve stood dividing oh so long.
The folks on this side call you Allah.
The folks on the other say Jehovah.

With me between them they can’t see
How your One Love can set them free.
Each one hates and fears the Other
Though you formed them to be brothers.

On one side they have guns and power;
The others lose hope by the hour.
God, please melt me; tear me down,
Strew my bricks on holy ground.

The more the walls, the more the fear.
They can’t love what can’t come near.
God, if it’s your blessed will,
Shake my stones and make them spill.

And all my kind around the globe
Are begging you to lay them low.
You didn’t build us human walls.
Please, Lord, act to make us fall.

When fences, walls and ramparts pass
Your Kingdom will arrive at last.
War and pain and hate will cease,
And Love and Justice reign with Peace.

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