[Again, a random title generated on the FAWM site.]

Drinking nice must be taught;
It won’t come to you naturally.
Given the choice, you’ll swill and belch
And laugh and slap your belly.

Drinking nice involves a cork
Pulled gently, with finesse,
A sniff, a nod, a swirling gaze
And swishing as a test.

Drinking nice a craft-made beer
A proper glass is needed,
The color held up to the light,
The complex flavors heeded.

Drinking nice at tea-time,
A splash of milk goes first
Into the cup held pinky-up,
Sipped daintily, not slurped.

Drinking nice is yet a sign
Of manners in society.
Ignore it and you’ll earn the name
“A Menace to Sobriety.”

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