Another random title.  Don’t take it too literally.  I am really quite pleased with my life, but the title took me south.


A nasty virus made its way
From my finger to my eye.
It entered in my bloodstream,
But my antibodies cried,
“Oh, no you don’t, invader!”
And the evil virus died.

A lusty sperm cell made its way
Up my fallopian tube,
But he swam the distance all in vain
For he found no egg to woo.
All his squiggly strength was spent,
And the plucky sperm died, too.

A preacher’s sermon made its way
In one ear, out the other.
My brain defended logically,
My heart it ran for cover.
The words he said just ricocheted
And sought some other lover.

Conditions must be optimal
To sprout the scattered seed.
Reflecting back upon my life,
So much has failed in me.

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