Don’t you just love when things magically come together?  I wrote this yesterday to a random title generated on the FAWM site, and today it fits the prompt to write something about food.  Actually, this is one in a series of poems on the 7 deadly sins: gluttony.

I’m so delicious. Eat me up.
Your eyes assure I’ll satisfy.
Your lust says, “Go on, take a try.”
Your heart is hoping I’m the saving
Answer to your endless craving.

I’m so delicious. Drink me up.
The first time makes your senses spin.
See how much you can take in.
Some more, some more! Why ever stop?
I’m just the thing to fill you up.

I’m so delicious. Have some more.
I’ll meet your need and make you whole.
I cancel out regrets of old.
The past is past. It can’t be helped,
But I’m here now, so help yourself.

I’m so delicious. Lick me up.
I’m an ambrosial concoction,
Unlike Love’s cold abstraction.
How can such things really be?
I’m in your hand. Have some of me.

Take more and more. What’s that you say?
The blush is off the fading flavor?
Now your stomach’s turning traitor?
You throw me up. I’m on the floor.
You don’t want me any more?

Well, my dear, are you surprised?
I seduce through tongue and eyes.
When I pass through, my pleasure’s past.
That satisfaction will not last.
I’m not Love. I’m not God.
You poor, foolish, hungry sod.
I can’t fulfill your deepest wishes.
No, but I am So Delicious.

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