The second in the series of Deadly Sin poems, I tried to use one of the random FAWM titles, but it didn’t work with my idea.  I chose this title to grab the attention of the reader.


When God invented sex, it wasn’t just to multiply.
It’s to make another person the apple of your eye.
To look beyond yourself, see someone else as sexy.
God rewards your congress with a peak of ecstasy.

But Satan thought he knew a way to use the great orgasm
To damn the soul of Everyman and drop him down a chasm.
He’d stimulate the urge for sex till it became a must.
This forceful itch, divorced from Love, the devil christened Lust.

Now all it takes to make Lust rise
Is distance and a pair of eyes.
Look at Cosmo, look at Hustler
View porn clips through a Viewmaster.
Watch R or X on a movie screen,
Let Google search for the obscene.
From Mother’s nightstand sneak a book,
Through keyhole peep-show sneak a look.

“Victory!” the devil cried, “Evil wins again!
I’ve taken out the Love from sex and turned it into sin.
Now it’s about the ego getting selfish satisfaction.
Forget about the Other; it’s just action and reaction.”

It seems whenever God designs to curb our selfishness,
Evil will arrange it so we act more selfish yet.
But God will get the last laugh as soon as kids are born:
Family Love replaces Eros; Dr. Seuss replaces porn.

2 thoughts on “God Invented Sex

  1. Pam, the line “I’ve taken the love out of sex and turned it into sin” is great. I’ve often thought about writing a song about lust vs. love but this is perfect. Dr. Seuss replaces porn is the perfect summation.


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