Just venting my spleen after the weekend.


As undergrads we figured out
How to pass all of our courses
By quoting another man’s thoughts
And citing and naming our sources.

But we aren’t undergrads now.
By now we should think on our own.
We’ve won, we’ve lost, we’ve been around,
We’ve dealt with our troubles, and grown.

So put down your ponderous readings,
Stop hiding behind some other men’s brains
Propping up your vacuity with other men’s names.

Like Whitman when he heard the learned astronomer,
I need a breath to clear the air—
The bullshit’s so damn thick in here.
(Did you like how I dropped “Whitman” there?)

Professor Piled-High Mucky-Muck,
I have got no names to drop.
All I have is me to share,
As you look down from your lofty chair,
Scorning, mocking, condescending—
Here my rant has found its ending.

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