Another in the Deadly Sin series, using a random title from FAWM.

I thought I was over the envy.
We hadn’t met for years.
I’d gone my way, she’d gone hers.
We both were successful and happy.

She picked the restaurant.
A bit steep for me, but I had my plastic.
Designer suit and perfect lipstick—
She hugged me short and laughed.

Under the make-up and electric tan
She was just as old as me.
I noted this fact briefly,
My eyes on the rock on her hand.

I saw her scan me up and down
Assessing, judging shoes and dress.
She said she had lost my address,
Was I still living here in town?

“Parochial, dowdy, aging frump”
Echoed in my head,
Even though she really said,
“I’m so thrilled that you could come.”

What we said and what we ate
I really can’t recall.
The voice of Envy drowned it all,
And hate stared from my plate.

“Good-bye,” “So nice,” “Let’s keep in touch.”
Like hell we will, I thought.
This old acquaintance’ll be forgot,
As old acquaintance must.

Envy smiled and dusted off his hands.
Again he’d done the dirty work
For the Enemy of Man.

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