The assignment was to write about a flower. Of course, I had to make it didactic. This time I used limerick form throughout.


A woman who lived in her head
Assumed that the desert was dead
Till she sat on a rock
And had quite a shock
To see what God’s desert had bred.

She sat very still half an hour,
And her heart changed the barren to bower.
Right there at her feet,
So neat and so meek,
Grew a tiny, magnificent flower.

As she gazed, she could suddenly see
How perfect, how happy, how free
The sweet blossom was,
And she asked herself, “Does
God shower such blessing on me?”

She heard in the breeze Someone say,
“If you seize, like this flower, the day
You’ll feel in the moment
An end to your torment,
A peace your mind cannot betray.”

So the woman now lives and loves better,
Thanking the God who makes deserts.
Like a flower or star,
If we be who we are,
We live with God’s blessing forever.

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