Written to the prompt:  What was the last thing you killed?


I’m no killer, I swear.
I’d never take a life,
Send someone otherwhere
At point of gun or knife.

I’d never kill a dog,
Unless he was very sick
And blind and old and crippled
And needed put to sleep.

I’d never kill a bird,
Unless of course it dashed
Itself against my windshield
On the freeway going fast.

I’d never kill a fish
Unless I accidentally sprayed
Insecticide around the room
Where the aquarium stays.

I guess I am a killer.
What effort it would take
To keep myself from killing!
Not to step on insects,
Not to disinfect.
To let the termites munch away,
Coyotes eat my pets.
To see a snake and stop the car.
No, not to kill is just too hard.

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