Don’t you love that grandiose title? I got it from one of those title generators online. You know, the source of all those outrageous blog titles you see everywhere: “You have been answering the phone all wrong,” “The danger in breathing too much,” and “The truth about eyelashes.” Be afraid! Be very afraid!

I am actually serious, in a small way, that origami frogs can change the world. When Don and I go out for coffee, lunch, or to an appointment where we have to wait, Don often folds one of his signature origami frogs for the bored children at the next table. The effect is electric. The child’s head comes up, her eyes widen, and light comes into her face. The parents also become animated, and smiles shine out from them all.

Yesterday when we stopped on our walk for a senior coffee at McDonald’s, a family came in for breakfast. Dad, son, and daughter sat at a table nearby; Mom was still ordering. Son had been misbehaving, and Dad was in a grumpy mood. We folded two frogs and took them over. The entire scene was transformed. Dad was smiling and grateful. Son and Daughter were cheered and occupied. Mom was pleasantly surprised when she arrived with the food to find that the tension had been dispelled by two origami frogs.

Bestowing these small gifts on strangers has an impact much bigger than the cost of the gift. Why is that? I truly believe that the Holy Spirit is behind our book and Don’s habit of giving away folded frogs. When we give a small gift of love, people respond. The same thing can happen when we give a smile or hold the door for someone. Our frogs have the advantage of being tangible and longer lived than a smile. If, however, the frog gets smashed in Mom’s purse, the family can make a new one by watching our video at

In fact, if you want to start your own frog-folding ministry in your home town, you have all the tools you need: a tutorial video, a good heart, and some paper lying around the house or in the recycle bin. Imagine the change we could make if we all gave God’s love to others in the form of origami frogs. We would find out that people are loving and good, that they appreciate being acknowledged, and that they are grateful for the smallest tokens of love.

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