1. Fold paper frogs and give them away.

2. Smile at people you see.

3. Wish people “Good morning” or “Good evening.”

4. Open/hold the door for someone.

5. Pay for the person behind you at the drive-thru.

6. Pick up trash on your walk.

7. Write a card or note to someone in a rest home.

8. Go to a rest home and play the piano.

9. Organize a sing-along at a rest home.

10. Offer to help a teacher with clerical chores.

11. Stop and talk to your neighbor.

12. Stop and talk to a neighborhood dog or cat.

13. Stop and talk to a bird or lizard you see on your walk.

14. Let others go ahead of you in line.

15. Ask the checker about his/her day.

16. Wave to the fireman and policeman as they drive by.

17. Return shopping carts from the neighborhood to the store.

18. Walk a neighbor’s dog.

19. Pick up newspapers for your neighbor who is on vacation.

20. Let a neighbor know they left their garage door open or light on.

21. Make a meal for someone who just had a baby or is bedridden.

22. Use your turn signals.

23. Treat others with respect.

24. Pick flowers from your yard and give them away.

25. Paint a rock with a cheerful message and abandon it someplace it will be found.

26. Visit someone lonely.

27. Don’t insist on being right.

28. Listen attentively when another talks.

29. Mow your neighbor’s lawn.

30. Drive someone to the store and help them shop.

31. Paint out some graffiti.

32. Write a letter to an old friend.

33. Write a letter to a person deployed overseas.

34. Take out the trash.

35. Under-promise.

36. Over-deliver.

37. Accentuate the positive in what you say.

38. Pray for others.

39. Read a book to a child or an elder.

40. Hold someone’s hand while they cry.

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