Today’s blog is by guest columnist, the Frog Folder himself, Don Bowen

Finding someone who might enjoy a folded frog isn’t as easy as you might think. There are some hard rules and some flexible guidelines that help.
Hard Rules:
1) Never approach a child directly. Always approach the parent first and ask permission.
2) Never interrupt a meal. Frog delivery must happen before the family gets their food.
3) Never offer a frog to a teen with a cell phone and a sullen look.
4) Look for a boy/girl between the ages of 3 and 8. Someone younger will crush the frog before you can demonstrate it, and someone older may be insulted that you offered.

1) If there are three children, make three, IDENTICAL, frogs. The goal is joy and wonder in a young heart…not envy.
2) If the parent seems to enjoy the frog more than their child, make another one for the parent. This happens more often than you might think.
3) Older people are usually happy to accept a frog. They are past worrying about what it all “looks like,” and they can see the fun and wonder just like small children. Also, they’re slow, so if they really hate you, you can usually outrun them!

It is always easier for me to approach a parent when I am with my beloved wife of 30+ years. As one half of a couple, I am very likely not a threat. Giving a frog to someone is much more difficult when I am alone, wearing my motorcycle gear complete with “Captain America” patch. I am possibly a whack-job or worse, but I observe that doubts and fears, on both sides, dissolve once the parent figures out I’m not selling anything or speaking directly to his or her children.

Be polite and don’t talk too much. It will either go over well or not, but talking will just annoy people. Overall, it’s been a great honor to make small gifts, no strings attached, that make young and old smile. Think of it as an honor, and you’ll do well. Most people are good at heart, ready to say thank you, and happy that you’ve pulled back the veil of modern suspicion and indifference.

Go in Peace.

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