I have been using journaling for several years as part of my spiritual journey. Usually I vent to God about things that make me doubt, make me angry, or confuse me. It is helpful, getting these things off my chest, and occasionally I come to see something I had not seen before.

The problem is that when I take time to read back over, say, a year or two of journals, I keep seeing the same complaints, the same questions, the same whining repeated over and over. I am a broken record, going round and round in the same spot, hitting the same cracks over and over, making no progress.

For a time, I gave up on journaling since it didn’t seem to be getting me anywhere. I was sharing my pains with the page but not moving on from them significantly. Then I learned a new method of journaling from an online workshop led by Mark Virkler. He calls the method Two-Way Journaling because it leaves room for God to write back in answer to all those whiny questions.

Here’s how it works: You get quiet and centered, tuned into God (this is easier for contemplatives and those with an established meditation practice). You ask God a question like, “God, how do you see me?” or “Lord, what do you want to tell me today?” I write my question in the journal. Then, you open your mind and heart to the flow of the Holy Spirit, and freely write down the answer that comes.

I know. I was skeptical, too. It felt like I was making it up. Like it was all my imagination. But I silenced those voices of intellectual doubt and went with the method. The results were life-changing.

More detail coming next week. For now, check out the Mark Virkler free online courses:

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