This is part 2 of a blog about two-way journaling. If you missed last week’s, go to and find the blog titled “Will God Write Back?”

Putting my fears and doubts aside, I have been having a great time hearing from God through two-way journaling. I started off using the guided meditation called “A Stroll along the Sea of Galilee” that Virkler provides with his workshop. I didn’t like the details in the script. I thought they were too dictatorial, not allowing me to see the scene as my imagination guided. For example, a “warm breeze on my back” is not pleasant to me. I know that the Sea of Galilee is in a hot, desert climate, and I do not enjoy hot desert breezes. I want to picture walking with Jesus along a beach in California or under the shade of trees. So, sometimes I use the music without the narration, and sometimes I journal in silence.

At first, I struggled, thinking it was all me. I must be making up these answers out of my own mind. Then I thought, “Of course. How else will God speak to you? Do you expect clouds to part and a big, booming voice to say STOP GROVELLING?” Now I just let the words come, and they often surprise me and make things clear. For example, I have been told again and again to stop worrying, to stop berating myself, and to use my talents without fear. That sounds like God to me: loving, correcting, and encouraging.

I have also broken through daddy-trust issues, sin-fear issues, and parental-anger issues with the help of the straightforward but kind messages I have accessed by opening my journal to God’s voice. A verse in scripture says, “Be still and know that I am God.” So I stopped whining so much in my journal and silently let God speak. It has strengthened my belief that God is real and that God wants to have a relationship with me. So goes another step on the spiritual journey.

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