Nicole Schiffers lives in The Netherlands. She started posting a painting a day on Facebook, calling it Blessing to Go. Her paintings were inspired by the Holy Spirit, and often they included pictures of Jesus in modern dress with a friendly, joyful expression on his face. I loved them, and I told her so.

One day, she said her dream was to publish her Blessing to Go paintings in books she could give as gifts, and maybe others would like them enough to buy them, too. I offered to publish her books for her, since I have a self-publishing business and was between projects of my own. On September 1, Blessing to Go, volumes 1, 2, and 3 came out on Amazon.

But that’s not all. My husband Don volunteered to learn how to format books on Createspace (now absorbed into Kindle Direct Publishing). He said, “How hard can it be?” So, we owe it to God and Nicole for giving us courage to leap over a hurdle that had been frustrating us and costing us money. Now, we can do our own formatting and our books can be published faster.

So, if you are looking for inspirational gifts for Christmas, birthdays, get well, or any other reason, please find Blessing to Go on amazon. If you like the books, a review would be much appreciated by Nicole and me.


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