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Evil triumphs over us when it can separate us from love. Isolation destroys a writer’s immune system and leaves them vulnerable to lies. The way to strengthen a writer is to surround them with companions.

In November of every year, writers all over the world band together to write their 50K word novels in thirty days. Called NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month), the challenge involves several motivators to keep the writer going. Online and in-person meetups support the writer and encourage accountability. Other encouragements include writing buddies, pep-talk emails, and prizes for finishing. The NaNo website also has interviews with successful writers giving their own tips and inspiring stories.

Though solitude may foster productivity, isolation makes us prey to doubt, fear and despair. Love is the antidote to despair, and the NaNo groups I have written with are full of love and support. Just being in a room of other writers engaged on the same journey is enough to motivate me to keep writing. Love conquers all, they say, and NaNoWriMo believes it.

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