Take a look at the painting of Jesus that accompanies this blog. Nicole Schiffers painted it, and it appears in our Jesus in Jeans Journal (available on Amazon). Though Nicole painted it with her own inspiration, it ties in to a prayer method I mention in our Pray for the World book: Heart Prayer.

To “pray for somebody” without words, use your imagination to put the person into your heart. Your heart is where God and his love dwell. The person you want to help can be healed and comforted by God’s love, right? So hold the person in your heart, perhaps placing your hands over your heart as Jesus is doing in the painting. Breathe and feel the person being bathed with love inside you. You don’t need to direct anything or fix anything. Just hold the person.

In my children’s book, I suggest picturing your heart like a washing machine, swishing the person in God’s love till the problem, the pain, is washed away. You decide how long to hold them.

Then you can let them go, secure in the knowledge that you prayed well for the person. Hand them over to God, if you like, thanking God for his healing love.

You will probably feel as if you have been prayed for, too. Funny how that happens.

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