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I should make this one of those personality quizzes you see on Facebook: What kind of drinker are YOU? Wine or Coffee?

If you chose the coffee, you may be a workaholic. You may not be getting enough sleep and need a jolt of caffeine to start or continue your day.

Or you might be a cozy, sociable person who likes to settle in with a friend at a cafe table to have a nice long natter. You like to keep your wits about you, though. Coffee may facilitate sharing and confession, but it seldom leads to excess.

If you chose the glass of wine, you may be an aesthete. The curves of the wineglass, the color and sparkle of the wine, the complex nose—all these appeal to the artist in you. You picture yourself in some bodega, wearing a beret and watching the passing scene for a likely subject for your next painting, novel, or song.

You are a risk taker. You feel no fear of wine’s darker side. You are willing to let go—of inhibitions, propriety, even consciousness.

Viva Vino!

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