Let me pursue a thread that came to me in meditation today. We are staying in Cayucos near Morro Bay, California, and recently my friend Kathryn Wilkens took the above photo of Morro Rock. (Thanks, Kathryn!).

“The Rock” appears in the Bible many times as a metaphor for God. Do I see any biblical parallels to Morro Rock? You bet!

Calling God a rock suggests that God is a firm foundation, something solid to cling to for safety/refuge during the storms of life. Morro Rock stands at the mouth of a harbor, beckoning storm-tossed boats to a safe mooring.

The rock was much bigger before the Army Corps of Engineers started quarrying its stone to make the breakwater. Though the natural harbor provides sanctuary, the breakwater was necessary to improve safety. One obvious source of the needed stone was Morro Rock itself.

Much as God was willing to give Jesus to save humanity, Morro Rock gave half of its mass to save small craft at sea. Though the sacrifice of part of Morro Rock transformed its shape, it still stands as an icon of man’s co-laboring with God for the salvation of mankind. God gave the rock and let it be transfigured for our good.

Two indigenous local tribes have long recognized the sacred nature of the rock. One believes the holy site should never be touched. The other scales the rock to perform rituals. Though they disagree on worship style, they honor the rock as a holy place.

So, as I see it, calling Morro Rock a savior is not too far-fetched. The rock, like God, poured itself out into a breakwater of sanctuary for sailors and fishermen, never counting the cost to itself. Saving humans was worth it.

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