Take a look at this beautiful piece of fabric art made for me by my friend Anne DiPardo. It hangs over my desk where I write these blogs and work on my books. Thank you, Anne, for offering to make me a sign to encourage my business and for executing it with such skill and taste.

Anne and her husband Mike moved to Temecula from Colorado a couple years ago. Until retirement, she was a professor of education in Iowa and Colorado. Her creative love for color and joy come out in her quilts, embroidered pictures, banners, and lettering.  She makes quilts for the Prayers and Squares ministry at our church and created a new church banner to add vibrancy to our sanctuary.

Fabric arts have a long history, but they have not always been accorded the respect given to painting and sculpture. Maybe their relegation to the hands of women has made them seem less. Tapestries, embroideries, royal robes, temple draperies, rich carpets, wedding gowns, festal costumes, liturgical attire, and even humble pioneer quilts swell the parade of fabric arts through the ages. The gift of working with threads is as blessed as all other gifts, and I am grateful to know Anne DiPardo and to own a piece of her exquisite work.

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