I am not the first to point out that the phrase “rescue dog” has multiple interpretations. First, the dog has been rescued from a difficult life of neglect, abuse, or abandonment by being housed in a shelter. Second, the adoptive human can be said to rescue the dog from the shelter where, after a certain waiting period, the dog might be euthanized. And third, the love the dog gives to its adoptive human often rescues the human from a life of loneliness, depression, and despair.

I have never been a dog person, never owned one, never wanted one. Our daughter, however, adopted the mixed breed dog pictured above, and now I am a dog person. Little Jake has rescued all of us from our ignorance and judgmental attitudes towards dogs and dog owners. Funny how that happens. Just one encounter with a loving, joyful dog can peel the scales from the eyes and ignite compassion for dogs and dog-lovers everywhere. Now, I walk the neighborhood looking for dogs to greet and owners to chat with.

Our next Faith and Grace book, coming out in 2019, is titled Puppy Love, illustrated by Thomas Bomortino, the artist who drew the sketch of Jake. It brings up the subject of whether breed matters when love is the issue. You can guess the answer.  Keep your eyes peeled for Puppy Love, on Amazon and on your neighborhood sidewalks!

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