For about five years, from 2009 to 2014, I wrote song lyrics. I styled myself a songwriter, but I was a semi-songwriter. A song has to have words and music, and since I can’t write music, I needed help. Surprisingly, there are quite a few creative and kind composers in the world willing to help out a frustrated lyricist. I reached out to musicians through online sites such as SongRamp, FAWM, and Global Songwriters Connection. I reached out to relatives like my uncle and my daughter. I reached out to friends in Temecula and Upland, California. The upshot was that many whole songs were born, recorded, and registered with BMI. Some even earned me a few royalties.

The rest of the “unmusicated” lyrics went into a green file box in my garage. I gave up songwriting in frustration because I didn’t get the “success” I thought I wanted in exactly the way I wanted it. One night I dreamed about the green file box and got the message that God was reminding me of the existence of my lyrics. Did I think that lyrics had no value on their own, without music?  Maybe they were an asset waiting for me to realize their usefulness.

Then my mentor, Matt Tommey, asked me “what is in your hand right now?” The answer, “a green file box full of lyrics” sprang to mind, and I determined to use them somehow. Soon thereafter, another mentor, Shelley Hitz, suggested I could re-purpose old writing in a new way. Thus, I have used a lot of my orphan lyrics in both volumes of A Doubter’s Devotional. 

In volume 2, I acknowledge all the co-writers who helped me bring whole songs to birth over the years. Even though I only used lone lyrics in the devotionals, I could not have produced them without the encouragement of the many musicians who helped me complete the whole songs we made together. I didn’t realize how blessed and successful I was until I tried to list all the folks who gave of themselves to make art and music with me. The list is long.

Thanks to all of you, and to those I may have forgotten to list.

John Lane

Dale Crockett

Ed Dunn

Jyrki Salmijarvi

Robert McKnight

Grant June

David Griffin

David Bride

Denise Bain

Diane Frasca

Esther Henderson

Tim Moyer

Kanan Road Band

Jim Van Newkirk

Becca Palm

Jessie Andra Smith

Robert Rankin Walker

Gloria Sitz

Gayle Weiston Serdan

Jeff Lord

Joel Reese

Amelia Bowen

Eva Moreno Smith

Coral Bergman

Matt Folkmuse Stone

Jonnie Fox

Corey McCoy

Joe Gillaspie

John Quint

and others

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