Do you realize that we are enjoined to play Monkey See, Monkey Do with God ? Jesus says he can do nothing except what he sees the Father doing—Jesus is imitating God. He asks us to do the same. If Christ is our model, our template for how to live as a human, then we are to imitate him. Jesus models the behavior; we do it. Maybe the reason we play Monkey See, Monkey Do as children is to prepare us to imitate God in a childlike way when we are adults.

Those of us who “follow” Jesus are playing Monkey Do, or should be. What do you see Jesus doing in the Bible? What do you see him doing in the world, your own life? Do those things, and see what happens. Oh, I hear you saying, “I am not the son of God. How could I possibly do what Jesus did?” Well, what do you SEE? In the Bible Jesus does these things a lot: walks around, approaches outcast people, heals people physically and emotionally, goes off by himself to pray, eats and socializes with all sorts, serves others, speaks about life and God, keeps his mouth shut, forgives people. That’s a good list for starters. You can do all of these things on a human scale. Forget trying to be God. Be human. See what happens, as you see and do, just like a monkey in the game. Play this game to God, and feel her pleasure.monkey see

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