Getting dressed is serious business in the Bible. Think of the rejected wedding guest who didn’t have the right garment. Think of his father dressing the Prodigal with the best robe, sandals, and ring. Think of the bride being decked out for her bridegroom. Whether figurative or literal, the motif of clothing can be traced from Genesis to Revelation.

Remember that we are said to be clothed in the robe of righteousness after Christ’s death and resurrection. Remember that we are told to put on the full armor of God. Remember that we are wearing the mind of Christ as if it were an accessory we can put on—or take off. Think of your Christ-costume and how much you resemble Christ. Don’t beat yourself up for being undressed or dressed shabbily. Just go back to the treasure chest and put on something more appropriate for one who loves Jesus and plays with him regularly. It can be done! God says so.

Dress Up

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