Click here to order Play to God This excerpt from Play to God comes from the “In the Mind” section where you are invited to play with Jesus in your imagination, a faculty many adults neglect. Airplane

When you play this with Jesus, you can give him the gift of an airplane ride. Maybe he played it as a boy but called it “Eagle soaring.” Or you can let Jesus spin you around. Will it seem natural or supernatural when you are upheld by the creator of the universe? Airplane is a trust game. The flier has to relax and surrender to the turner’s control. If the flier tries to control his own flight, the turner can’t hold him, and the game breaks down. When you used to play airplane, were you always the turner because you refused to surrender to someone else? Did you not trust them to keep you safe? Here is your chance to be the flier. You can trust Jesus to spin you around and give you a long, thrilling ride without hurting you. Imagine letting go of all fear and doubt. This time you can be free to enjoy what flight has to offer you. And being spun by Jesus has got to be heavenly. After you play with God like this, reflect or journal on your experience and listen for God’s comments, too.

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