This excerpt from Play to God comes from the “In the Moment” section where I invite you to play in real life with real children or by here to order Play to God

Color with kids or color alone. Use crayons, markers, colored pencils or even paints. Get some kiddie coloring books, some adult coloring books, or some plain paper. I beg you, if you color with kids, not to try to control their color play. I was dismayed one day to hear a parent say, “You need to color the sky blue.” Really? Does God always color the sky blue? Play is all about freedom and joy, not about limits. I even hesitated to include this chapter, thinking that “staying between the lines” might stifle play. There is that risk, but having lines also lets us relax and enjoy the colors and the flow of coloring. We don’t have to make decisions about composition or accuracy. We can play with colors within a framework of lines. Without a coloring book, we can doodle a line, curving randomly, crisscrossing a page of plain paper. Then we can color in the shapes the line makes and create an abstract picture. No rules. Just joyful play.

In fact, you don’t need to buy a coloring book. The illustrations that make this book such a joy are ready to be colored in. Artist Alena Litvinka from Belarus provided you plenty of opportunity to play with color in her whimsical drawings. Here she has given you an adult-coloring mandala featuring Belarusian flora to color. Grab your crayons and play!mandala

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