I find it easier to feel a divine presence when I am out in nature. How about you? One time, I said to a minister, “I like to sit in church where I can see through the window. The treetops blowing in the breeze remind me of God.” He replied, “Well, that’s nice, but nature is not God.” I wish clergymen would be a bit more careful about their pronouncements to seekers. After that, I was ashamed to say anything about the joy I feel when I’m immersed in nature. My love for God-in-nature had been labeled “nice, but not.”

Later, as I read more I discovered that nature (the “Creation”) has long been used as one of the major proofs of God’s existence. Respected philosophers and theologians spent time arguing and debating all about creation, the creator, intelligent design, evolution, the Big Bang, quantum physics, and a whole lot of complex stuff I don’t get. What I do get is that there is something holy about all of nature: the stars, the rainbow, the Grand Canyon, the ocean, the trees, the birds, the animals, the human, the DNA strand, the stem cells. I feel joy and love when I consider these marvels, and I know in my bones that the divine energy is in them all.

Note: this blog is from A Doubter’s Devotional 2, chapter 6, available here at Amazon:order here

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