Happiness is a cozy contentment that can become a habit, but joy is always a surprise. Joy comes upon you when you least expect it. Joy energy is higher, sharper than happiness. It startles you out of dullness or elevates you above contentment. It happens abruptly, and it can be holy. Maybe that’s why I see joy as a gift from God.

Joy comes to me in the presence of nature, music, community, and new life. Any one of these alone can trigger joy, but when all of them conspire together, joy will appear.

My joy epiphany came one summer night at the amphitheater in the park. Breezes blew the treetops across the stars (nature) as we sat on the grass to hear a tribute band play Earth, Wind, and Fire (music). All around us families picnicked, grandparents sat, lovers snuggled, and kids played (community). Here and there, babies crawled or were handed from adult to adult (new life). Suddenly, a divine peace descended on me. My heart leaped, and I thought—if there’s a heaven, it will be like this. That was joy, and I have never forgotten it.

Note: this blog is from A Doubter’s Devotional 2, chapter 8, available here on Amazon:order here

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