I am excited about the year 2020. I like to think that my vision for my dream of being a writer will come clear in 2020 because of the 2020-vision idea. If you remember, at the start of 2019 I asked the Holy Spirit for a word for 2019, and I heard “Dog.” Well, this year I did the same and I heard the word “Listen.” What!? “Listen” is my word for the year 2020, the year that should be all about Vision?

I sensed that God was getting a kick out of my confusion, laughing at the idea that I was expecting vision and got “listen” instead. Ha-ha, Lord, very funny. But that’s the way God is with me, a jokester.

Two other words came fast on the heels of “listen”— “simplify” and “be.” Notice that none of these words asks me to strive, work, excel, or achieve. Struggle and stress are out for 2020. It’s going to be a year of surrendering all that hard work to God and resting in the blessings of nature, goodness, and peace instead. I am going to listen and be. If an opportunity arrives to complicate my life, I will consider it in light of the word “simplify.” God has told me many times that I am meant to be myself without striving to please God or make a big splash in the world. I have fought this idea. Maybe in 2020, if my hearing clears up through listening, I will start following God’s advice.

May 2020 be a year of simplifying your life and being yourself. Listen for the peace of God. Look for God’s prints all over your situation. Let it Be.

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