When you were a kid, did someone give you a diary for Christmas or New Year? Did you start off strong, writing something every day about your life or thoughts? How long did that last? Some of us kept up journaling on and off, but many of us stuck the diary in a drawer somewhere and forgot about it.

Daily diary writing becomes a burden pretty fast. You feel you “should” be keeping up your diary. It’s like you ought to be eating better or calling your grandma more regularly. The weight of guilt starts to make you hate journaling. Time to stop.

The same is true of regular blogging. I have kept up a weekly blog for over a year, usually writing the posts in advance and re-purposing material from my books. I have 58 people subscribed to my blog, but only 20% of them open the emails that deliver the blog. That is eleven or twelve people. Not enough bang for the buck.

Received wisdom says that blogging is essential to being a self-published author. Folks need to find me online, either on Facebook or on my website or both, and when they find my website, I should have a blog. Fine.

This is to let you know that in 2020 I will unhitch the burden of weekly blogging. I am shooting for twice-a-month blogging, but if that starts to sap my joy, I may loosen up even more. I still have things to say and books to promote. However, I will not be a slave to a routine some guru told me to adopt. I will keep brushing my teeth and taking my pills, but I will not be sending you a blog every week. Okay?

4 thoughts on “The Burden of Blogging

  1. I love your posts. But I aim only for blogging 1x a month. It truly is another responsibility that isn’t always fun.


  2. Thanks for chiming in. Sometimes we sign up for burdensome routines that just weigh us down. Thanks for following my blog, and I may end up posting once a month just like you.


  3. I find it amazing that you have managed one a week. I had that goal but quickly gave up. I post references to outside articles and books that are helpful to writers, but my reach is so small that it appears I am wasting time. Blogging on the topic of their expertise is essential for nonfiction writers. I’m not sure it has much value for fiction writers until they have a following (until after they have been published).


  4. Thanks, Victoria, for reading and supporting this blog. I enjoy reading your blog, too. I have both non-fiction and fiction titles available. I still am not sure who my audience is and what kind of writer I am. I just enjoy the making of books, whether they sell or not. Blessings to you in 2020.


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