If God (or the Universe) sent you an email containing only one word: SIMPLIFY, what would you make of it?

My first impulse is to get rid of things. Why have so many sheets, cars, china patterns, clothes, or books cluttering up and complicating my environment? I don’t need so many. Out go the extra things I haven’t used for years.

Dogs, children, and friends also complicate our lives, but we can hardly dispose of them. Are there other strategies besides disposal?

Delegating someone else to walk or sit the dogs might help. Delegate a caterer to cook for your dinner party or a cleaner to tidy the house. If you can’t afford them, make it a potluck and eat what arrives. Letting go of control of the menu is a kind of simplifying.

Automation can simplify bill-paying. Let the bank pay the bills for you, and you can unclutter your desk at the same time. There are numerous apps that can help you remember appointments, send you daily devotionals, and empty your inbox. You can also get a robot to sweep your floors.

Look around your life and ask what you could eliminate, automate, or delegate to simplify your 2020.

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