When I was helping my friend clean out her mother’s house, I realized that there are folks who understand the culture of donating to charity and some who don’t. I worked for a couple of years in my church’s thrift shop, and I regularly shop at Salvation Army and other thrift shops. I know what things thrift stores stock and what sells. My friend was unaware that the things she was trashing or piling up for 1-800-GOT JUNK were salable items that charity would be happy to receive.

I found myself saying, “Oh, no, don’t throw that out! That will sell” and moving items from the trash to the donation pile. We were in a hurry to clear the stuff, since she had flown in from across the country to clear and sell the house, so we didn’t take advantage of another aspect of donating that some of my other friends don’t know about: scheduled pick-up.

At church on Sunday, when I was mentioning that one of my words for 2020 is “simplify,” another friend said, “I have so much stuff I would like to get rid of, but I am getting too old and weak to load it in my car and take it down to the thrift shop.” I shared with her the ease of booking a Salvation Army truck to come by your house to pick up all your stuff. You can call or you can schedule it online at their very user-friendly website, satruck.org. If you can gather the items in your garage or on your driveway, the friendly Salvation Army men will come carry it to their truck for you and give you a receipt for your taxes.

So, if your word for 2020 is “simplify” I hope you will donate your stuff to charity rather than trashing it. The charity truck will be happy to help you with it. You will feel lighter and kinder after donating a lot of your burdensome possessions, I promise you.

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