Still on the subject of simplifying, if you find an item you bought that you haven’t used, still in its package, you can return it to the store rather than donating it to charity or trashing it. Many stores like WalMart, Home Depot, and Michaels will take returns without a receipt. They can search for the purchase if you used your credit card and return the amount to your card. Otherwise, they can give you store credit on a card that you can spend in the store on something you do need.

My friend whose mom’s house we cleared found a new toilet seat from Home Depot, still in its box. She was about to donate it when I suggested returning it for a refund. No problem. The customer service person was happy to oblige.

The topic of home repair items brings up the subject of Habitat for Humanity. The Salvation Army employee on the receiving dock would not take the garden tools, electrical conduit, and other home-improvement items we found in the garage. He suggested that the Habitat for Humanity Re-Store would take them. Indeed, once we found out where the nearest Re-Store was, we were able to donate them to help Habitat carry out their mission to house low-income people.

I hope these blogs about cleaning out your stuff have inspired you to simplify your life in 2020.

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