This week, the level of vitriol online has escalated. Friends who are usually respectful and civil have begun calling names and building barriers between US and THEM. Anxiety over the change and uncertainty of our virus-ridden life has worn our equanimity thin.

What I hold dear is now more important than what you hold dear. I am right and you are wrong, so I feel justified in calling you an immature idiot or a gullible sheep.

One of us holds dear the idea of safety.

One of us holds dear the rule of law.

One of us holds dear the idea that God is in charge.

One of us thinks there is no hurdle human ingenuity can’t overcome.

One of us clings to the Constitution.

One of us clings to science.

All of us are feeling off-balance, and we grasp at our usual anchors to regain our footing. All of us are probably wrong in part and right in part, but our fear makes us more judgmental and less compassionate.

2 thoughts on “What Others Hold Dear

  1. Well said Pam, yes, the tension and fear of uncertainty is rising. People are nervous, and trying to find moral footing, and figure out what “is” right and what “is” wrong in our thinking and doing.
    Your use of the word “equanimity” which means, evenness of mind especially under stress, sums up the importance of sound mind in these stressful times. As individuals we must all respond “evenly” to create space for “loving our neighbors as ourselves” and appeal to our higher selves.


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