Some smart person once pointed out to me that the word “seek” implies that you haven’t found it yet. Calling yourself a “seeker” means that you are always in search of something. I am tired of being a seeker. I think I will call myself a “finder” instead.

What have I been seeking all my life? God. Well, if I believe the scriptures, God lives within me and is always with me. No need to seek God any more. I have also spent years seeking success. I never quite knew what my definition of success was for many years, and guess what? I never found it. When I redefined success, bingo! There it was. No need now to seek success because I have plenty of success, by my definition, already.

Most of us seek love at some time in our lives. I used to seek love in the form of adulation from strangers; really it was fame I sought—another name for success. I don’t want that spurious love any more. The love I already have is plenty: love for my husband, my daughters, a few friends, nature, creating, and God. No more seeking love for me.

Maybe now that I am not a seeker but rather a finder, I can enjoy life, in full appreciation of what I have found.

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