When we started on our self-publishing hobby, we tried to design our own book covers (Pray for the World, Jesus in Jeans Journal), or we used the cover design tool at Kindle Direct Publishing (A Doubter’s Devotional 1 & 2). They were serviceable but not exciting.

Now that we’ve been locked in for a year, not spending money on movies, concerts, cruises, even restaurants, we can afford to pay for professionally made covers. Our designer of choice is Pixel Studio on Fiverr.com. For $44 I get a full paperback cover, an e-book cover, and a 3D mock-up to use for promotions.

I choose a photo, illustration, graphic, or background from depositphotos.com and Bojan from Pixel Studio and his team work their magic with colors and fonts. (Bombs, Betty, and Bed-counts, Magdalena’s Demons). All this art appears in my inbox in about three days. An email with the subject line “Consider It Done!” starts my heart pounding as I tremblingly click the file open to see the face of my next book. What fun!

Click here to order the current titles, some with amazing covers:


One thought on “The Fun of New Covers

  1. Beautiful cover!

    I’m always looking for discounts for cover art too, so will check your graphic artist out sometime! I had a wonderful young lady, originally a student who is fantastic to this day (7 years after my first cover with her). She gradually became too expensive for my budget (she deserves every cent though!)


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