Announcing the release of Magdalena’s Demons, a mystical romance, based loosely on New Testament scripture, in which you get to know Magdalena, disciple, lover, and wife of Jesus of Nazareth, who led the early church along with the master. How did she relate to the male disciples who saw her as a threat? How did she understand her husband’s teachings differently? How did she make his off-beat ideas accessible to the women followers?

And what happened to her, the first witness to the Resurrection, after Jesus ascended? In the absence of facts, I let my imagination fill in the gaps as she flees to Italia, Gaul, and even Brittania, with Mother Mary and Joseph of Arimathea in tow.

Set aside your preconceptions and open your heart to a new view of Mary Magdalene as she stays true to her understanding of Jesus’ message and passes it on. Like the rest of us, she struggles to keep her exorcised demons at bay. Jesus may have healed her, but she is not perfect, especially when it comes to raising her very special daughter.

Spoiler Alert: Love wins.

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