Take a look at the new cover of Pray for the World. The original cover from 2018, based on a painting by my friend and mentor Shelley Hitz, we designed ourselves. This year, we decided to spring for a new one designed by Pixel Studio. It’s brighter and sends a clearer message about the book, intended for kids aged 8 to 12.

A how-to-pray book, it teaches kids how to pray silently in their hearts or with words, using a simple format.

The highlight, however, is a collection of art by twenty-one global artists from a range of countries: Sri Lanka to Pakistan, Venezuela to Latvia. Meeting artists from other lands encourages young readers to pray for faraway neighbors, not just their own or their families’ needs.

The second edition of Pray for the World is available on Amazon now.

3 thoughts on “Pray for the World Is Back—in new dress

  1. Gorgeous. For the purpose of a book cover, that comma shouldn’t be there. Okay in reviews, commentary, general writing about the book / author.


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