Chapter 7, question 6

The six foundational moral values: I never really heard of these so clearly listed. I see them as ranged from low to high. The lowest are not really moral at all: what is purity? Virginity? Unmixed blood? Bathed in soap and water? Purity seems to me to be a label to give privilege to some and keep it from others. I think that is immoral, not moral. Loyalty is another manipulative word. If I want to control you, I will accuse you of disloyalty, and then you will come back into the fold. Loyalty is used to keep one group from mixing with another. It makes my group feel superior to yours. How is that moral? Authority is a man-made idea, bestowed on the powerful for no good reason. You are king, or educated, or rich, or senior so you have authority. I am common, ignorant, poor, or young so I have none. I must do what you say. How is that moral? Liberty is something a few have, but others don’t. If I have enough money, rank, or authority, I am free to make my own choices and live life my way. If you are poor, low, or amateur, you cannot choose. You must live under the control of bosses, parents, leaders, and rules that the free man can ignore. At this point, the list moves on to the higher values of justice and compassion, and we enter the realm of morality. Justice says that the other moral values mentioned earlier must be applied equally. They should not be used to separate groups or make one privileged over another. And why would we want to grant this justice to others? Because of compassion. We put ourselves in the shoes of the unfree, the weak, and the poor, and we feel their pain. We don’t want them to suffer more than we do, so we seek justice for them. Jesus espoused these two values, justice and compassion (we think), and they are the highest values of the list because they are based on Love, and Love is God.

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