On May 1, 2021, The Blindness of Odile will be available on Amazon.com in paperback and Kindle (e-book). To encourage you to order, the Kindle version is on half price sale at $1.99, and you receive it instantly. Of course, the paperback ($14.99) can be signed by the author (me) when I see you.

The Blindness of Odile tells the story of a self-centered doubter who yearns to make a name for herself in the England of 1970. Cambridge University is the setting, after a culture-shock interlude in London where Odile realizes she is out of her comfort zone and can’t control everything.

A near-death experience changes her when she finds herself in a former monastery, tended by a modern nun and a cranky friar. Maybe there really is a God, and that God is yanking her chain.

Beginning in 1970, I made the first of ten visits to England, and each one contributes some detail to this story. From taking the wrong train, to visiting Ely Cathedral, to punting on the Cam, to drinking Pimm’s punch, my long love affair with Britain comes to the fore, as seen by Odile Travers, who is just a little too autobiographical for comfort in her egotism, control, fear, and spiritual blindness. I hope you enjoy it.

May 1, Kindle sale $1.99

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