When my husband Don and I take our daily walk, we hold hands. We sometimes walk over to the Starbucks on Temecula Parkway for coffee. We sometimes walk around Ronald Reagan Park. We sometimes walk around Harveston Lake. We pass oncoming walkers and call out “Good morning,” getting a smile or greeting in return from most of them.

The other day, a woman about our age asked us how long we have been married. We answered, thirty-seven years. She said, “And you still hold hands?” When we answered in the affirmative, she said, “That’s inspiring.”

The week before, a young woman in her twenties passed us on the bridge across Temecula Creek, jogging. She turned her head to say over her shoulder, “You two are adorable.”

Surprised that we were causing such a sensation, we took note of the fact that we see very few couples of any age walking hand in hand these days. We wonder why that is. Indeed, wrinklies like us might be so sick of their partners after 30+ years together that they might not want to touch or claim each other. But why do we see so few young lovers holding hands? Is holding hands passe’?

Please let us know if you have any theories about this phenomenon. Meanwhile, we will keep inspiring others with our adorable hand-holding.

Photo by Noelle Otto on Pexels.com

One thought on “Adorable, Inspiring Wrinklies

  1. If I had someone to walk with (besides Tootie) it would definitely be a hand-in-hand affair!


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